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Saugatuck Brewing Company is proud to be the only brewery in Michigan to feature a Brew On Premise Program. 

We provide the recipes, natural ingredients, professional brewing equipment and the expertise to guide you through the process of making your own beer. It takes approximately 4 hours to brew your batch, and then return in 3-4 weeks (after the fermentation process) to bottle your ready to drink brew! 

Styles of Beer

From Summer Wheats to Bold Reds, from IPAs to Rich Porters.

You can use a beer you already know and love to base a recipe from, or you can work with your brew masters to create an entirely new beer. 

*Please note: specialty beers such as Double IPAs, Baltic Porters, Imperial Stouts, Fruited Beers etc. may incur additional costs. Also, we do not provide any barrel aging for Brew On Premise beers. 

Brew with Friends

Each brew-on-premise batch will produce at least sixty 22oz bottles of your unique recipe. Bring up to 5 friends to split up your batch of brew! (6 total) 

For a larger batch and a larger crew, you can brew on multiple kettles! We have 5 total.

Custom Labels

The bottles must be labeled with required government information. We will provide a basic label at no additional cost with the required information.

You may also design your own custom label with your own graphics at a nominal cost. Please contact Schreur Printing at (616) 392-4405 for more information.


During the time between brewing and bottling, your beer will be fermenting, conditioning, and carbonating. In approximately 3-4 weeks after brewing, you will return to label, bottle, and taste the fruits of your labor! 


The cost includes guide, facility and equipment use, all essential ingredients, bottles, and your sixty 22oz finished product. 

Additional cost include: bottle deposit, tax, and additional ingredients or labels if you choose.


Mug Club Members & Shareholders: $325 + Tax & .10c bottle deposit

Public: $375 + Tax & .10c bottle deposit

Schedule Your Brew Today

We brew 7 days per week by appointment only. 

For questions or scheduling, contact one of our Head Brew-On-Premise Brewers:

Dexter Gauntlett

CALL: 616-990-8865